Beurer EM 59, analysis: features, specifications and opinion

The Beurer EM 59 electrostimulator is a very comprehensive product that has exceeded my expectations. Below, we will see all the features and specifications of the Beurer EM 59, including my opinion. A product with over 19,000 reviews on Amazon and an excellent rating.


The Beurer EM 59 Heat electrostimulator incorporates 64 pre-set programs that help us work on the desired area quickly and effectively. These programs are divided into three different groups: TENS, EMS, and massage. The first category of programs is TENS, which is used to treat and alleviate pain. The second category is EMS, with which we can work on the musculature of the entire body. Lastly, the massage category is used to relax the area.

In addition, all these categories have programs that we can customize to our liking. They can also be adapted to medical indications given by doctors or physiotherapists who are treating us.


The screen included in the Beurer EM 59 Heat is very large and shows the necessary information perfectly to display the selected program. At the top, it shows whether we are in TENS, EMS or massage. Then, when selecting the program, once we have chosen the category, we will see the program number and the area it works on. This is shown with a body on the left side of the screen. Also, the Beurer EM 59 Heat screen shows the remaining time, frequency, and intensity of each channel. Finally, it has a battery level indicator and a heat level indicator, if activated.


The Beurer EM 59 Heat has 8 buttons, among which we find the power on and off button, which can also pause the program. It also has up and down buttons that allow us to increase the intensity of each channel and move between programs. Additionally, there is a menu and enter button that allows us to select the program. Finally, there is a heat button that only allows us to choose between high and low.


The electrodes that come with the Beurer EM 59 Heat are four with two different colors that allow us to identify each channel. The gel on the electrodes adheres perfectly to the skin and allows for perfect transmission of electrical impulses and heat. The only downside is that after just over a month of regular use, the adhesive starts to wear off. This can be prolonged by dampening it with a few drops of water, which will improve the adhesion.


The battery of the Beurer EM 59 Heat is somewhat limited, being one of the weak points of the device. If used without heat, its duration is correct, being able to use it for many hours. However, if we use the heat function combined with a program, its duration decreases drastically to just a few hours.

What’s included in the Beurer EM 59 package

The Beurer EM 59 electrostimulator comes in its packaging with the device itself, which we described above. It also includes four electrodes attached to large cables that make their use very comfortable. It also has a clip that allows us to hang the device from our belt and move around easily. In addition, there are instructions that detail extensively the use of the device and its programs.

Conclusion and opinion on the Beurer EM 59 Heat

For over ten years now, I have been suffering from chronic pain in my hip and thighs, sometimes even experiencing severe pain crises. Given my situation, I was recommended to try this device to alleviate these pains. I must admit that before purchasing it, I was skeptical about the effectiveness of the Beurer EM 59 Heat, but I have to say that program 3 in the TENS category combined with heat helps to relax the area and often reduces the level of pain.

In my case, I don’t frequently use the EMS programs, which allow me to work on my muscles, but on the occasions I have used them on the upper body, it’s noticeable how the muscles work. As for the massage programs, there is a wide variety of different programs that help to relax the area.

The intensity that Beurer EM 59 Heat offers is exceptional. I have to say that I have not even reached half of its power and it is already difficult to bear. As for the heat, it may seem low even on the high level, but after the entire program has warmed up the area, it helps to relax the zone.

In conclusion, what the Beurer EM 59 Heat offers is a very valid device for multiple functions such as relieving pain, strengthening and relaxing muscles. Regarding the heat function, an extra feature compared to other models, in my opinion, it is highly recommended as it is essential for relaxing the area and reducing pain. Therefore, the Beurer EM 59 Heat is a highly recommended purchase as it offers many possibilities that will adapt to anyone.