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Hisense 55A6K TV Review: UHD 4K Resolution and Advanced Features

The Hisense 55A6K TV is an entertainment powerhouse that combines advanced features and innovative technology to deliver an exceptional visual and auditory experience. With its UHD 4K resolution, image enhancement technologies, immersive sound, and smart capabilities, this TV promises to immerse you in your favorite content like never before. The following is a full review of the main features of the Hisense 55A6K TV.

Features Hisense 55A6K

ModelHisense 55A6K
Panel TypeADS (Advanced Display System)
Aspect Ratio16:9
Panel Response Time8 ms
Screen Size55″ (139 cm diagonal)
Maximum ResolutionUltra HD 3840×2160
Viewing Angle178º
Color Depth8 Bit + FRC
V Sync Frequency60Hz
Contrast Ratio1200:1
Brightness (Typical Value)300 nits
Backlighting TechnologyDLED (Direct LED)
HDR10+ DecodingYes
Dolby VisionYes
ProcessorQuad Core/MT9602
UHD UpscalingYes
DecodingMPEG1/2, MPEG4, AVC(H.264), HEVC(H.265), WMV3, VC1, VP8, VP9, AV1
Game Mode (Input Lag)6 ms
3D Digital Comb FilterYes
MPEG Noise ReductionYes
Audio Output Power2x8W
Audio TechnologyDTS Virtual X HD
Smart TV Operating SystemVIDAA U6
ConnectivityUSB (2.0) – 2, S/PDIF Output – 1, Audio Input (L/R) – 1, Headphones Output – 1, RF Tuner – 2, Ethernet RJ45 Port – 1, LAN Adapter Support – Yes, WiFi Technology – IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac (2.4G and 5G), Bluetooth Support – Bluetooth 4.2

Key Features

Direct LED and Dolby Vision

The Hisense 55A6K TV employs Direct LED technology to evenly distribute light across the screen, achieving uniform and stable blacks. Moreover, it’s Dolby Vision compatible, offering more vibrant and detailed images with exceptional dynamic range.

Game Mode Plus

The Game Mode Plus is designed to provide smooth and stress-free gaming experiences. With Variable Refresh Rate (VRR), a 60Hz panel, and Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM), this TV ensures your graphics card and display work harmoniously for seamless gameplay.


The VIDAA Smart OS provides instant and easy access to over 150 streaming platforms, whether cable, satellite, terrestrial, or streaming, all in one place. This enables intuitive and fast navigation through your favorite content.

DTS Virtual X and Voice Control

DTS Virtual X technology delivers a surround sound experience through the TV’s speakers. It enhances audio and provides an immersive home theater experience. Moreover, voice control allows you to interact conveniently with the TV.

Exceptional Image Quality

Outstanding 4K Detail

The Hisense 55A6K TV offers exceptionally detailed image quality with its UHD 4K resolution. This allows you to enjoy your favorite series, movies, and games with stunning clarity and realism.

Direct Full Array for Uniform Blacks

Unlike common edge-lit LED displays, this TV uses Direct Full Array technology to achieve uniform and stable blacks across the screen. This enhances the quality of dark scenes and improves contrast in images.

AI Adaptive Depth Technology

AI adaptive depth technology provides a greater sense of depth and realism to images. Thanks to this technology, you can appreciate more defined details, such as winding roads and snow-capped mountains with clearly outlined ridges and peaks.

Pixel Tuning for Sharper Details

Pixel Tuning dynamically adjusts images to offer sharper details and richer layers in both dark and bright areas. This results in an overall improvement in image quality.

Wider Color Palette and Precise Colors

The use of sophisticated optics and color enhancement technologies in ULED TVs brings a wider and more vivid color palette to life. Moreover, advanced built-in algorithms ensure accurate and natural color reproduction.

Support for HDR10+ and Dolby Vision

The Hisense 55A6K TV supports HDR10+ decoding, enhancing details in both shadow and highlight areas of content. It’s also compatible with Dolby Vision, providing an exceptionally immersive visual experience.

Sound and Gaming Experience

DTS Virtual X for Surround Sound

DTS Virtual X technology offers a surround sound experience through the TV’s speakers. It delivers enhanced audio and an immersive home theater experience. The sound seems to come from all directions, enriching your entertainment experience.

Game Mode Plus for Smooth Gaming

Game Mode Plus combines technologies such as Variable Refresh Rate, a 60Hz panel, and Auto Low Latency Mode to deliver smooth and seamless gaming experiences. This ensures that the interaction between your graphics card and the screen is perfectly synchronized.

Real-Time AI Scene Optimization

Real-time AI scene optimization allows you to adjust image settings according to the content you’re viewing, providing an optimized and detailed experience.

AI Sports Mode for Immersive Viewing

AI Sports Mode optimizes image and audio quality for a smooth and immersive viewing experience during sports events. This enhances visual details and auditory experiences, bringing the stadium atmosphere to your living room.

Connectivity and Convenience

Voice Control and Access to Broadcasting Platforms

Voice control enables you to interact conveniently with the TV. Moreover, access to over 150 broadcasting platforms, including options like Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+, and YouTube, gives you a variety of content at your fingertips.

Screen and Content Sharing Features

The “Screen Sharing” feature allows you to mirror your phone’s view on the TV screen, making it great for sharing content with family and friends. Additionally, the “Content Sharing” option allows you to stream content to the TV while continuing to use your device for other tasks.

Technical Specifications

The Hisense 55A6K features an ADS panel with a maximum resolution of Ultra HD 3840×2160 and a panel response time of 8 ms. It offers a 178º viewing angle and DLED backlighting technology. It also supports various decoding technologies, including HDR10+, Dolby Vision, and more.


The Hisense 55A6K TV offers a complete entertainment experience with its UHD 4K image quality, visual and auditory enhancement technologies, and VIDAA Smart OS. Its ability to adjust the image in real-time with AI and its AI sports mode provide an exceptional level of immersion. Furthermore, its compatibility with Dolby Vision and DTS Virtual X enhances both image quality and auditory experiences. With these features, the Hisense 55A6K TV is an appealing choice for those seeking a high-quality and immersive entertainment experience.


When comparing TV options, the Hisense 55A6K stands out for its exceptional features. However, let’s take a look at a couple of viable alternatives that could also catch your interest:

Hisense 55E7K Pro QLED Gaming Smart TV

Another option to consider is the Hisense 55E7K Pro QLED Gaming Smart TV. With a 144Hz Game Mode and cutting-edge HDR solutions, it promises immersive gaming experiences. Dolby Vision IQ and Dolby Atmos technology enhance visuals and audio, while a 2.1 sound system with a subwoofer delivers a captivating cinematic experience.

LG 55UR78006LK 55″ 4K UHD Smart TV

The LG 55UR78006LK offers an alternative with its 4K UHD display and webOS23 operating system. HDR10 support, powered by a high-performance processor, ensures stunning visuals. With Dolby Digital Plus and compatibility with voice assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant, it brings a blend of quality and convenience.

Each option presents distinct features that cater to different preferences, making your choice a matter of priorities and requirements.

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