Echo Pop: A Review of the Smart Bluetooth Speaker with Alexa

The Echo Pop is a smart Bluetooth speaker designed to deliver powerful audio and seamless interaction with the virtual assistant, Alexa. With compact dimensions and a focus on sustainability, this speaker promises to be a versatile addition to small rooms and limited spaces. In this review, we’ll delve into the key features and functionalities that make the Echo Pop a contender in the world of smart speakers.

Features Echo Pop

Technical DetailSpecification
Dimensions99 x 83 x 91 mm
Weight196 g
Audio49.5 mm front-facing speaker, high-definition lossless audio
Wi-Fi ConnectivityDual-band (2.4 and 5 GHz), compatible with 802.11a/b/g/n/ac
Smart Home ProtocolsWi-Fi, Bluetooth Low Energy mesh, Matter controller
Bluetooth ConnectivityA2DP profile for audio streaming, AVRCP profile for voice control
System RequirementsCompatible with Fire OS, iOS, Android, and web browsers
Accessibility FeaturesVoice speed preferences, Kindle reading assistant, adaptive features
Warranty and ServiceOne-year limited warranty, additional options as per applicable law
Alexa Language SupportSpanish, English, French, Italian, German

Powerful Sound in a Compact Package

The Echo Pop stands out for its compact size of 99 x 83 x 91 mm and a weight of 196 g, making it a discreet addition to any space. Despite its size, it features a front-facing 49.5 mm speaker that provides high-definition lossless audio. This feature allows it to fill small rooms with immersive and clear sound, making it an ideal choice for playing music, audiobooks, and podcasts.

Voice-Based Interaction

One of the most distinctive features of the Echo Pop is its integration with the virtual assistant, Alexa. This speaker allows you to control music and other compatible devices using voice commands. From asking Alexa to play music from services like Amazon Music, Apple Music, Spotify, and more, to setting timers, checking the weather forecast, and getting news updates, the options are diverse and easy to activate.

Smart Home and Privacy

The Echo Pop goes beyond being just a speaker. You can use it to control compatible smart home devices, such as lights and plugs, through voice or the Alexa app. Moreover, the speaker is designed with privacy in mind. It includes a button to electronically deactivate the microphones and multiple layers of protection to ensure the security of your conversations and data.

Sustainability and Design

The Echo Pop stands out not only for its functionality but also for its commitment to sustainability. The speaker’s fabric is made from 100% post-consumer recycled thread, and 80% of the aluminum used in its manufacturing is recycled. Additionally, a significant portion of the device’s packaging uses materials made from responsibly managed wood fiber or recycled materials.

Setup and Compatibility

Setting up the Echo Pop is straightforward and done in three simple steps: plug in the device, connect it to the internet through the Alexa app, and start using voice commands. The speaker is compatible with Fire OS, iOS, and Android devices and can also be accessed through web browsers on computers.


The Echo Pop is a smart Bluetooth speaker that combines a compact design with powerful sound and the convenience of the virtual assistant, Alexa. With its focus on sustainability and privacy protection, the Echo Pop offers a balance between functionality and responsibility. Whether for listening to music, controlling smart home devices, or obtaining information with voice commands, this speaker presents an appealing option for those seeking a hassle-free smart home experience.


Echo Dot (5th Generation, 2022 Model)

If you’re looking for a more compact option with more powerful and expansive sound, I recommend considering the 5th generation Echo Dot. This smart WiFi and Bluetooth speaker also features the Alexa virtual assistant and provides an enhanced audio experience compared to its predecessor.

Echo Show 8 (2nd Generation, 2021 Model)

If you’re interested in a more visual and multimedia experience, the 2nd generation Echo Show 8 could be an excellent choice. This device combines a smart HD display with Alexa and a 13 MP camera. It offers the ability to make video calls, watch videos and content, and control smart home devices, all with the convenience of visual interaction.

Creating Your Smart Home: Recommended Cameras for a Seamless Experience

Are you ready to take your smart home to the next level? Adding cameras to your setup can provide an extra layer of security and convenience. Let’s explore two fantastic options that seamlessly integrate with your Echo Pop smart speaker. These cameras not only offer cutting-edge features but also enhance your overall home automation experience. Say hello to TP-Link’s Tapo C210 and Tapo C500 cameras!

TP-Link Tapo C210 – 360° WiFi IP Camera for Comprehensive Surveillance

The TP-Link Tapo C210 is your ultimate surveillance companion. With its 360° coverage, this 2K (3MP) WiFi IP camera offers you a complete view of your surroundings. Whether you’re concerned about security or simply want to keep an eye on things, the Tapo C210 has you covered. Its night vision capability ensures clear visibility even in the dark, and its motion detection feature alerts you instantly to any movement. Plus, with remote control and compatibility with Alexa, managing your camera has never been easier. You can also store recordings on a microSD card up to 256 GB, giving you peace of mind knowing you can review footage when needed.

TP-Link Tapo C500 – 360° Outdoor WiFi Surveillance Camera

Taking your surveillance game outdoors? Look no further than the TP-Link Tapo C500. This camera is designed to brave the elements while providing top-notch security. With its 1080p resolution, you’ll get clear, detailed footage day and night. The Tapo C500 features motion detection, night vision up to 30 meters, and two-way audio communication, allowing you to see, hear, and even communicate with visitors remotely. What’s more, it’s compatible with both Alexa and Google, seamlessly integrating into your smart home ecosystem. And if a visual alert isn’t enough, the built-in siren can deter unwanted activity.

With the TP-Link Tapo C210 and Tapo C500 cameras, you can enhance your Echo Pop-powered smart home with advanced security and monitoring capabilities. These cameras not only deliver cutting-edge technology but also integrate effortlessly into your existing setup. So, whether you’re away or simply want an extra set of eyes, these cameras have got you covered. Create a safer and more connected home with these smart camera choices!