Samsung 55 Inch CU8070 4K Ultra HD Smart TV (2023) review: features, specs and reviews

In this review, we will examine the Samsung 55 Inch CU8070 4K Ultra HD Smart TV (2023), highlighting its key features in different aspects. Samsung is a leading brand in the TV sector, known for offering high-quality products and innovative technology. This particular model promises an impressive viewing experience and advanced smart features. We recommend reading the full review to get a detailed overview of all its features.

Samsung CU8070 Features

Resolution3,840 x 2,160 (4K UHD)
Panel TypeLED
Image TechnologyCrystal Processor 4K
ContrastMega Contrast
Smart TVTizen™ Smart TV
Physical ConnectionsHDMI (3)
USB (2)
Optical Audio Output
CI Slot
Wireless ConnectionsWi-Fi (WiFi5)
Bluetooth (BT5.2)
Sound SystemObject Tracking Sound Lite (OTS Lite)
Sound Power20W
Remote ControlSolarCell Remote
Power Consumption (Max)160W
DimensionsScreen Size: 55″
Adjustable Stand


The Samsung 55 Inch CU8070 4K Ultra HD Smart TV (2023) features an LED panel that uses Dynamic Crystal Color technology to deliver images with purer, more natural colours. Also, the pixel structure is based on a VA (Vertical Alignment) configuration, which provides excellent contrast and deeper blacks. The panel’s backlighting contributes to uniform illumination across the entire screen, enhancing picture quality.

Resolution and contrast

The resolution of this TV is 3,840 x 2,160 pixels, which is known as 4K or Ultra HD resolution. This allows you to enjoy a sharp and detailed picture with a large number of pixels on screen. The contrast of the panel is enhanced by Contrast Enhancer technology with support for HDR10+. This provides a new level of depth and colour by analysing each image and creating more natural, lifelike hues.

Brightness and viewing angle

The Samsung 55 Inch CU8070 4K Ultra HD Smart TV (2023) offers adequate brightness for comfortable viewing in a variety of lighting conditions. While brightness specifications may vary depending on the exact model, overall, this TV provides a sufficient level of brightness for vibrant and clear images. In terms of viewing angle, the panel’s VA technology performs well, meaning that colours and contrast remain relatively stable even when viewed from wide angles. However, it is important to note that VA TVs tend to have a more limited viewing angle compared to IPS panels.


The Samsung 55 Inch CU8070 4K Ultra HD Smart TV (2023) supports the HDR (High Dynamic Range) standard, which means it can display a wider range of colours and brightness levels. With HDR10+ and HLG (Hybrid Log-Gamma), more natural and realistic hues are achieved, providing an immersive viewing experience. The analysis of each image through Contrast Enhancer in conjunction with HDR10+ further enhances picture quality, bringing out details and creating greater contrast.

Gaming features

For gaming enthusiasts, the Samsung 55 Inch CU8070 4K Ultra HD Smart TV (2023) offers features that enhance the gaming experience. With the Samsung Gaming Hub, it is possible to play games without the need for a console, as games are run from the cloud. In addition, input lag is reduced to a minimum, ensuring fast and smooth response. Motion Xcelerator provides smooth motion for a crisp image, which is especially beneficial in intense action games, although it is always advisable to play without any post-processing.


The sound system of the Samsung 55 Inch CU8070 4K Ultra HD Smart TV (2023) offers an immersive listening experience. Q-Symphony technology combines the sound of the TV with a soundbar, creating an immersive atmosphere around the viewer. With Object Tracking Sound Lite (OTS Lite), immersive 3D sound is achieved with virtual audio in the top channel, enhancing immersion in audio-visual content. The 20W sound output power and adjustable sound and Bluetooth technologies provide flexibility and audio quality.

Smart TV

The Samsung 55 Inch CU8070 4K Ultra HD Smart TV (2023) comes equipped with Samsung’s powerful operating system called Tizen. This operating system provides a smart and personalised experience to access all your favourite content quickly and easily. The user interface is intuitive and easy to navigate, making it easy to find movies, TV shows, apps and other entertainment services.

On the app side, this TV offers a wide selection of popular apps, including video streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Disney+. You can also access music apps like Spotify and social networking apps like YouTube and Facebook. In addition, the Samsung 55 Inch CU8070 4K Ultra HD Smart TV (2023) features hardware capable of smoothly running the operating system and apps. The Crystal UHD processor and internal memory ensure smooth performance and fast response when switching between applications and browsing content.

The Crystal UHD processor, specifically designed for Samsung TVs, delivers true-to-life images with purer, more natural colours. This contributes to more realistic and detailed content reproduction. In addition, the amount of internal memory available on the TV allows for adequate storage of applications and data for optimal performance.


The Samsung 55 Inch CU8070 4K Ultra HD Smart TV (2023) is equipped with a variety of physical connections that allow you to conveniently connect your devices and peripherals. This TV features 3 HDMI ports, allowing you to easily connect devices such as Blu-ray players, game consoles and set-top boxes. The HDMI ports support high quality audio and video streaming, giving you an immersive entertainment experience.

In addition to the HDMI ports, the TV also includes 2 USB ports, allowing you to play media content from external storage devices such as flash drives and hard drives. You can also record TV programmes to a USB drive for later viewing.

In terms of wireless connections, the Samsung 55 Inch CU8070 4K Ultra HD Smart TV (2023) features built-in Wi-Fi 5, allowing you to easily connect to your home network and access online streaming services, browse the web and share content from other devices. The TV also supports Bluetooth 5.2, allowing you to connect devices such as wireless headphones and soundbars quickly and easily.


The design of the Samsung 55 Inch CU8070 4K Ultra HD Smart TV (2023) stands out for its slimness and elegance. The ultra-thin, frameless screen provides an immersive experience, while the adjustable stand allows the height to be adjusted to suit the user’s needs. With a focus on AirSlim design, Samsung has succeeded in creating a TV that blends seamlessly into any environment.

Remote control

The SolarCell Remote is a simpler and greener option for controlling your devices. Its most prominent feature is its solar charging capability, making it an environmentally friendly alternative. In addition to solar charging, it can also operate via radio frequency and can be charged via USB for added convenience. With a minimalist and ergonomic design, this remote control is practical and easy to use.

In addition, it is important to mention that 28% of its material is made from recycled material, thus contributing to waste reduction. To make the most of its solar charge, it is recommended to place it with the solar panel facing upwards, either near a window or in a place illuminated by natural light.

Review Samsung 55 Inch CU8070 4K Ultra HD Smart TV (2023)

Overall, the SAMSUNG TV Crystal UHD 2023 55CU8000 is a high-quality TV with a host of outstanding features. The panel with Dynamic Crystal Color technology delivers realistic and vibrant images, while HDR support and Contrast Enhancer further enhance picture quality. Gaming features, surround sound system, intuitive Smart TV and multiple connectivity options make this TV an attractive choice for those looking for an immersive viewing experience and advanced smart features. We highly recommend this TV and suggest purchasing it on Amazon for a safe and convenient shopping experience.


Here are two possible alternatives to the SAMSUNG TV Crystal UHD 2023 50CU8070:

Samsung TV QLED 4K 2022 55Q64B

The Samsung QLED 4K TV 2022 55Q64B is another high-quality smart TV from Samsung. It features 4K resolution, which provides excellent picture quality and sharp details. This TV uses QLED technology, which offers 100% colour volume, providing vivid and lifelike colours. In addition, it incorporates the QLED 4K Lite processor, which improves performance and picture quality. It also features Quantum HDR10+ for greater dynamic range and finer details in dark and light scenes. Other highlights include Multi View mode, which allows you to view content from different sources on the same screen, Panorama Gaming mode for an immersive gaming experience and Alexa integration for convenient voice control.

Samsung TV Crystal UHD 2022 55BU8000

The Samsung Crystal UHD TV 2022 55BU8000 is another option to consider. This smart TV offers 4K resolution for stunning picture quality. It features Samsung’s Crystal UHD processor, which ensures lifelike images with pure, natural colours. Contrast Enhancer technology with HDR10+ enhances contrast and creates more natural, lifelike hues. It also features Q-Symphony, a Samsung-exclusive feature that combines the TV’s sound with a soundbar, creating an immersive audio experience. It is also integrated with Alexa, making it easy to control the TV using voice commands. Overall, the Samsung TV Crystal UHD 2022 55BU8000 offers a combination of picture quality, immersive sound and smart features.

These alternatives provide interesting options within the Samsung TV range, each with its own features and technologies to meet different user needs and preferences.