Tale Plague Requiem reaches a new milestone with its 60 fps mode!

In an exciting update for fans of the popular video game “A Tale Plague Requiem”, the developers have announced that the game not only features an impressive 60 frames per second (fps) mode, but is also available on Xbox Game Pass from launch. This seamless combination gives players the opportunity to immerse themselves in a fluid and captivating gaming experience without the need to purchase the game separately.

From the moment A Tale Plague Requiem arrived on Xbox Game Pass, it has captivated a large number of subscribers with its immersive atmosphere, captivating narrative and stunning visuals. Now, with the new 60 fps mode, players can enjoy this acclaimed title at an even higher frame rate, ensuring smoother and more exciting gameplay.

The inclusion of “A Tale Plague Requiem” on Xbox Game Pass has been welcomed by subscribers as they can immerse themselves in this unique experience at no additional cost. With the addition of the 60 fps mode, players can enjoy intense combat, solve challenging puzzles and immerse themselves in the game’s dark storyline with exceptional visual quality and fluidity.

The developers have worked hard to optimise the game to ensure Xbox Game Pass players have the best possible experience. The combination of immediate access through Xbox Game Pass and the new 60fps mode demonstrates the developers’ commitment to quality and player enjoyment.

If you haven’t yet had the chance to explore the dark and captivating world of A Tale Plague Requiem, you’ll be happy to know that you can do so easily and conveniently through Xbox Game Pass. Get ready to dive into an epic adventure with stunning graphics and smooth gameplay thanks to the new 60 fps mode – don’t miss the chance to experience this acclaimed title without having to buy it separately!