Which Micro SD card to buy for GoPro Hero 11 Black?

Today we’ll talk about one of the key elements for any photography and videography enthusiast: SD memory cards. In this article, we’ll focus on recommending the best SD cards for the GoPro HERO11 Black camera, the top version of the popular action camera. We know that choosing the right memory card can be a challenging task, so we’ve made a selection to recommend you the best SD cards. If you want to learn more about the best available options, keep reading to find the ideal SD card for your GoPro HERO11 Black camera.

What should the appropriate SD card be like?

Choosing the appropriate SD card for your GoPro HERO11 Black camera is essential to ensure smooth video recording and fast data transfer. Here are some important features to consider when selecting the appropriate SD card:

Storage capacity: The SD card should have enough storage capacity for your needs. This will depend on the amount of photos and videos you want to store on the card.

SD cards with Class 10 or higher are suitable for recording 5K and 4K video with transfer speeds of at least 60 MB/s. It is also important to consider SD cards with high storage capacity to be able to record long video sessions without interruptions.

Speed class: The speed class of the SD card indicates its minimum writing speed. Class 10 SD cards are generally recommended for Full HD and 4K video recording.

Resistance and durability: Make sure to choose a sturdy and durable SD card, as this ensures the protection of your data, even in extreme environments.

By taking these key features into account, you can choose the right SD card for your GoPro HERO11 Black camera, ensuring optimal performance and smooth, uninterrupted video recording.

Recommended SD Cards

We recommend the Lexar 1000xSanDisk Extreme, and Samsung EVO Plus memory cards.

As always, we recommend buying from Amazon as it will offer you a good price and excellent service. This way, you will receive the product in a very short time, and if it does not meet your expectations or has any defects, they offer great post-sale service.