Xiaomi Smart Camera C300, analysis: features, specifications, and opinion.

Hello, friends of the blog. Today I bring you an extensive analysis of the Xiaomi Smart Camera C300 surveillance camera, a device that promises to offer us complete security for our home with a 2K image quality and a 360° panoramic view. Do you want to know more? Then keep reading.

The Xiaomi Smart Camera C300 is the latest bet of the Chinese brand for the intelligent surveillance camera market. It is a camera that connects to our Wi-Fi network and can be controlled from our smartphone or tablet through the Mi Home app. Additionally, it is compatible with the Google Assistant voice assistant, which allows us to ask it to show us real-time images on our device or on other compatible products such as the Mi Smart Clock.

Resolution2K (2304 x 1296 pixels)
Lens6 elements with f/1.4 aperture
Field of viewHorizontal 360°, vertical 108°
Night visionYes, with high sensitivity image sensor and low light color video
Person detection through AIYes, with false alarm filtering
Two-way audioYes, with built-in microphone and speaker
Video encodingH.265, which saves storage space and bandwidth
StoragemicroSD card (up to 256 GB)
Connectivity2.4 GHz Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11b/g/n
CompatibilityAndroid 4.4 or iOS 9.0 or higher versions
Voice assistantAlexa and Google Assistant
Weight327 grams
Dimensions115 × 78 × 78 mm


But the most remarkable thing about this camera is its image quality and its ability to capture all the details even in low light conditions. The Xiaomi Smart Camera C300 has a 2K resolution (2304 x 1296 pixels), which is a leap from the previous generation, which was limited to 1080p. In addition, it has a 6-element lens with f/1.4 aperture, which allows it to capture more light and offer clearer and sharper images.

Another important aspect is its night vision, which is not limited to the classic black and white mode, but can reproduce video in color even in low light conditions thanks to its high-sensitivity image sensor. This way, we can better recognize the objects and people that appear in the scene.

Highlighted Features of Xiaomi C300

But not only that, it also incorporates AI-powered person detection, which filters out false alarms and alerts us only when it detects human movement. This way, we avoid receiving unnecessary notifications for pets, insects, or changes in light.

And if that wasn’t enough, the Xiaomi Smart Camera C300 offers us a 360° panoramic view thanks to its dual-axis motor with tilt, pan, and zoom function. We can adjust the viewing angle from the app or let the camera automatically follow the detected movement. This way we won’t miss any corner or blind spot.

The Xiaomi Smart Camera C300 also has other interesting features such as real-time bidirectional sound, to be able to talk to our family or pets from a distance; privacy mode, to temporarily deactivate the camera when we want; or baby crying mode, to receive alerts when this specific sound is detected.


To store the camera recordings, we can choose from the following options:

  • Use a microSD card (up to 256 GB) that is inserted into the camera’s slot. This option allows us to save the videos locally and access them from our mobile device.Save the recordings to the cloud using the Mi Cloud service. This option offers us greater security and backup, but requires a subscription. We can opt for a limited free plan or a premium one with more capacity and features.
  • Connect a NAS (network-attached storage) that communicates with the camera via Wi-Fi. This option allows us to have greater storage space and share the videos with other devices.



In conclusion, this is a very complete and versatile camera that offers us great image quality and features that are far superior to its price. The Xiaomi Smart Camera C300 is now available on the official Xiaomi website or in other online stores such as Amazon or MediaMarkt.

I hope you enjoyed this analysis of the Xiaomi Smart Camera C300 surveillance camera and that it has helped you to better understand this product. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them below and I will be happy to respond. See you soon!