Garmin Instinct® 2X Solar review: features, specs and opinion

On this occasion, we will explore the impressive smartwatch Garmin Instinct® 2X Solar. Designed for adventurers and those seeking exceptional performance, this rugged solar-charging GPS watch offers a wide range of advanced features. From its unparalleled durability to its built-in sports capabilities and wellness functions, the Instinct® 2X Solar stands out as a reliable companion on all your adventures. Keep reading to discover why this watch has become the preferred choice of technology enthusiasts and outdoor enthusiasts!

Garmin Instinct® 2X Solar Specifications

Technical SpecificationsDetails
Solar EditionYes
Case Size40mm, 45mm, 50mm
EditionStandard, Camo, Tactical, Surfdēzl™
Version/ColorVarious codes available (see entry)
Water Resistance10 ATM
Case MaterialDurable Polymer
Solar ChargingYes
DisplayPower Glass™ Crystal
ABC Sensors (Altimeter, Barometer, Compass)Yes
Built-in FlashlightYes
Smart NotificationsYes
Contactless Payments with Garmin Pay™Yes
Safety and Tracking FeaturesYes
Built-in Sports AppsYes
Heart Rate SensorYes
Pulse OximeterYes
Recovery TimeYes
Battery LifeSolar-powered smartwatch mode
Compatibility with Garmin Connect™ AppYes

Please note that this table only displays some of the key specifications of the Garmin Instinct® 2X Solar. You can find more details and features in the official product documentation or on the Garmin website.

Main Features of Garmin Instinct® 2X Solar

This rugged and robust watch is built to withstand any conditions and ready to adapt to your energetic lifestyle.

One of the standout features of the Instinct® 2X Solar is its rugged design. It features a high-quality polymer case that meets U.S. military standard 810 for thermal performance, shock resistance, and water resistance. Whether you’re engaging in outdoor sports or exploring rough terrains, this watch is prepared to take on any challenge.

Another impressive feature of the Instinct® 2X Solar is its solar charging capability. With the Power Glass™ solar charging lens, this watch can harness solar energy to extend the battery life in smartwatch mode. This means you can enjoy unlimited battery autonomy and forget about constantly having to recharge it.

This smartwatch also offers a wide range of built-in sports functions. Whether you’re running, swimming, cycling, or hiking, the Instinct® 2X Solar provides wrist-based sports apps to help you monitor and improve your performance. Additionally, with the ABC sensors (altimeter, barometer, and electronic compass), you can obtain accurate altitude data, monitor weather changes, and navigate with ease.

Stay connected at all times with the smart notifications of the Instinct® 2X Solar. Receive emails, text messages, and alerts directly on your wrist when the watch is paired with a compatible smartphone. Additionally, you can personalize the device by downloading custom watch faces, additional data fields, and apps from the Connect IQ™ store.

Health and well-being are also a priority in the Instinct® 2X Solar. With the wrist-based heart rate sensor, you can monitor your heart rate and receive alerts if it’s too high or too low. Moreover, the watch offers advanced sleep tracking features, allowing you to get a comprehensive breakdown of your sleep stages and improve your rest.

Garmin Instinct® 2X Solar Sports Functions

One of the key sports functions of the Instinct® 2X Solar is its ability to track and record various activities. Whether you’re running, cycling, swimming, or hiking, this watch provides you with accurate and detailed metrics. You can get information on distance, pace, speed, calories burned, and more. These data allow you to assess your progress, set challenging goals, and track your improvements over time.

In addition, the Instinct® 2X Solar features a built-in GPS function, allowing you to accurately track your route and location during outdoor activities. This is especially useful if you’re exploring new trails or engaging in sports in unfamiliar terrain. It also includes a compass, altimeter, and barometer, providing valuable information about altitude, atmospheric pressure, and direction. These features are particularly useful for activities such as hiking or mountaineering.

In addition to these core sports functions, the Instinct® 2X Solar also offers other additional features. It can monitor your heart rate, allowing you to gauge your intensity level during exercise and ensure you’re working within your target zone. It also provides sleep tracking, helping you evaluate the quality of your rest and make adjustments to enhance your recovery. Furthermore, this watch is compatible with the Garmin Connect platform, where you can analyze and share your training data, engage in challenges with other users, and access personalized training programs.


The screen of the Garmin Instinct® 2X Solar is one of the standout features of this sports watch. Designed to offer excellent visibility in various conditions, this screen has several characteristics that make it stand out.

Firstly, the screen of the Instinct® 2X Solar is of the MIP (Memory-In-Pixel) type. This means it uses low-power technology that allows for extended battery life. Additionally, the screen is sunlight-readable, which is especially important for outdoor sports. Even in bright light conditions, the screen remains clear and easy to read, allowing you to quickly check your data without additional effort.

Another notable feature of the screen is its size and resolution. With a 1.4-inch display, the Instinct® 2X Solar provides ample space to show detailed and easily readable information. The 280 x 280-pixel resolution ensures sharp and clear representation of data, graphics, and maps, making it easier to interpret information during your sports activities.

In addition, the Instinct® 2X Solar’s screen is rugged and durable. It is protected by Corning® Gorilla® Glass, which provides resistance against scratches and impacts. This is especially important during high-impact or outdoor activities where the watch may be exposed to adverse conditions.


The battery of the Garmin Instinct® 2X Solar is one of its most impressive and distinctive features. Designed to offer exceptional durability, this battery allows you to enjoy long training sessions and continuous use without worrying about frequent recharging.

The most prominent feature of the battery in the Instinct® 2X Solar is its solar charging capability. Equipped with Power Glass™ solar lens, the watch can convert sunlight into energy to power its battery. This means that even in moderate sunlight conditions, the battery can stay charged, providing you with great autonomy and eliminating the need to constantly rely on a power outlet or charger.

In addition to solar charging, the battery of the Instinct® 2X Solar has an impressive battery life in smartwatch mode. It can last up to 30 days in this mode, allowing you to use the watch for an entire month without needing to recharge it. Even when using sports and GPS functions, the battery can provide you with up to 70 hours of life, which is ideal for long-duration activities or intense competitions.

In addition to the long battery life, the Instinct® 2X Solar also features a power-saving mode that allows you to further extend the battery life. You can customize the settings to disable certain functions and reduce power consumption, which is useful when you need to prolong the battery life in specific situations.


One of the standout features of the Garmin Instinct® 2X Solar is its ability to control music on your phone directly from the watch. With its compatibility with popular apps like Spotify, you can enjoy your favorite music without having to take your phone out of your pocket.

By connecting the watch to your phone via Bluetooth, you can access music playback functions directly from the screen of the Instinct® 2X Solar. You can play, pause, skip tracks, and even adjust the volume without having to interact with your phone.

The ability to control music from your wrist is particularly convenient during sports activities. Whether you’re running, hiking, or working out at the gym, you won’t have to stop or get distracted to change the song or adjust the volume. Simply use the controls on the watch for quick and easy access to your music.

Extra Motivation with Garmin Connect Community

One of the best ways to stay motivated over time is to be part of a social network where you can share your progress, challenge other athletes. This application is free and can be downloaded for Windows, Android, and iOS.

Garmin Pay on Garmin Instinct® 2X Solar

The Garmin Instinct® 2X Solar smartwatch includes Garmin Pay, which allows you to make payments with your watch. Now you can leave your wallet at home and still enjoy that well-deserved post-run coffee. Simply tap your watch to pay. However, this feature is only available at merchants that accept contactless payments, but nowadays most merchants do.

Compatibility with Multiple GNSS Systems

The Garmin Instinct® 2X Solar has excellent compatibility with multiple Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS), which means it is capable of receiving signals from various satellites to provide enhanced accuracy in location and activity tracking. In addition to GPS and GLONASS systems, the Instinct® 2X Solar is also compatible with the Galileo satellite navigation system, enabling greater precision in location and tracking in dense urban environments. This multi-GNSS compatibility makes the Garmin Instinct® 2X Solar an ideal tool for athletes and fitness enthusiasts seeking a reliable and accurate sports watch.

Tracking and Safety Features

The Garmin Instinct® 2X Solar offers various tracking and safety features that make it an ideal device for outdoor activities. One of these features is LiveTrack, which allows you to share your real-time location with friends and family by connecting to a smartphone. It also includes an incident detection feature that sends an alert with your location to emergency contacts in case of a fall. Additionally, it has an assistance function that allows you to send a help message to emergency contacts with the press of a button. In summary, these features provide greater peace of mind and safety for users during their sports or adventure activities.

Pulse Oximeter in the Garmin Instinct® 2X Solar

The Garmin Instinct® 2X Solar is equipped with a pulse oximeter, a useful tool for those who want to monitor their blood oxygen saturation. Blood oxygen saturation is important as it indicates the amount of oxygen being carried by the blood to the body’s organs and tissues. Adequate blood oxygen saturation is essential for proper body functioning, especially during exercise. With the pulse oximeter in the Garmin Instinct® 2X Solar, users can monitor their oxygen saturation at any time and take appropriate measures to ensure their body is functioning optimally.

Conclusion – Garmin Instinct® 2X Solar

In conclusion, the Garmin Instinct® 2X Solar is a high-performance sports watch that offers a wide range of sports functions and advanced features. From accurate heart rate monitoring to detailed activity tracking and GPS navigation, this watch is designed to meet the needs of sports and outdoor enthusiasts.

With its rugged and durable design, the Instinct® 2X Solar can withstand extreme conditions and last through long training sessions. Additionally, its sunlight-readable display and long-lasting solar-charged battery ensure a seamless experience even in the most challenging environments.

In addition to sports functions, the Instinct® 2X Solar also offers additional features such as music control from your phone, smart notifications, and compatibility with activity tracking apps. These additional features complement its sports focus and make it a versatile watch for everyday use.

In conclusion, the Garmin Instinct® 2X Solar is an ideal choice for those seeking a reliable and feature-packed sports watch. Whether you’re into running, hiking, swimming, or any other sports activity, this watch will provide you with the information and tools you need to reach your goals. No matter what your passion is, the Instinct® 2X Solar will accompany you every step of the way.

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