Everything you need to know about the latest PS5 update.

On March 8, 2023, the PlayStation 5 console received a new system software update that incorporates several improvements and novelties for users. Among them, the integration with Discord, compatibility with 1440p VRR, and the correction of an issue with digital versions of games are highlighted.

Discord is a popular communication platform that allows players to chat by voice and text with their friends and communities. With the PS5 update, users will be able to link their Discord and PlayStation Network accounts to see what their contacts are playing on the console or PC. They can also join voice chats from the control center or from their mobile device using the Discord app.

VRR (Variable Refresh Rate) compatibility is a feature that allows synchronizing the refresh rate of the TV or monitor with the game’s frame rate, reducing the image tearing effect. This feature requires that the device has support for HDMI 2.1 and that it is enabled in the system and game settings. With the PS5 update, users will be able to enjoy greater fluidity and stability in games that support VRR.

Finally, the PS5 update resolves one of the most annoying problems that affected some users: having to insert the game disc even if they also had the digital or PS Plus free version. This happened because the console always prioritized the disc as the main source of the game. With the update, users can choose which version they want to play from the main menu and delete duplicate versions if they wish.

These are some of the main novelties brought by the latest system software update for PS5, but there are many more that you can check on the official PlayStation website. Remember to always keep your console up to date to enjoy all of its features and possibilities to the fullest.