Ghostwire Tokyo will soon be available on Xbox Game Pass.

Great news for horror video game fans! On April 12th, Ghostwire Tokyo, the acclaimed horror game developed by Tango Gameworks, will be included in Xbox Game Pass after a year of exclusivity on PlayStation 5.

Xbox players will finally have the chance to experience the eerie and mysterious adventure in which Tokyo is being invaded by supernatural spirits, and players must face them to uncover the mystery behind their appearance.

Ghostwire Tokyo has been widely praised for its innovative approach to the horror genre and its impressive open-world design. Developed by the same studio behind the recent hit Hi-Fi Rush, Ghostwire Tokyo has won the hearts of many players and critics alike.

With its release on Xbox Game Pass, Ghostwire Tokyo will be available to an even wider audience, meaning more players can immerse themselves in the chilling story and challenges that this high-quality horror game offers.

Get ready to explore Tokyo like never before and face the supernatural dangers that await you in Ghostwire Tokyo!