Chivalry II, Descenders, and GRID Legends announced as May’s PS Plus games

Sony has announced that the May PS Plus games will be available to subscribers from May 2nd to June 6th, 2023. Among the titles that can be claimed are Chivalry II, Descenders, and GRID Legends, available for both PS5 and PS4. Interested parties still have time until May 1st to obtain April’s games, including Meet Your Maker, Sackboy: A Big Adventure, and Tails of Iron.

Chivalry II is a first-person multiplayer battle game that transports players to key moments in medieval warfare with up to 64 participants. Before entering battle, players must choose from 4 classes and 12 subclasses, each with unique weapons and abilities to fit different playstyles.

For extreme cycling enthusiasts, Descenders offers a downhill cycling game with procedurally generated environments and a risk vs. reward system that rewards players who execute the best combos for the highest score. One mistake can mean losing everything.

Finally, GRID Legends is a racing game with a narrative campaign where players take on the role of a Seneca Racing driver, a team that is not doing its best, and classic modes like Drift and Elimination. With over 120 cars of different categories and more than 250 events and tracks through city streets around the world, this title has a lot to offer racing fans.

In short, Sony continues to offer its subscribers a great selection of games each month, and May will be no exception with exciting titles like Chivalry II, Descenders, and GRID Legends.