Meta Quest 3: A new era for virtual reality

Meta, the parent company of Facebook, unveiled the new Meta Quest 3 on September 27, 2023, the third generation of its virtual reality headsets. The Quest 3 comes with a number of significant improvements, making it an even more attractive option for users looking to immerse themselves in the virtual world.

Improved technical specifications

One of the key new features of the Quest 3 is its new Snapdragon XR2 Gen 2 processor, which offers a 20% increase in graphics performance over the Quest 2. This translates into a smoother and more realistic virtual reality experience, with more detailed graphics and more impactful visual effects.

In addition, the Quest 3 features a higher-resolution OLED display (1832 x 1920 pixels per eye), which provides a sharper and more detailed image. It also has a wider field of view (115 degrees), allowing the user to see more of their virtual surroundings.

More comfort and ergonomics

The Quest 3 is also more comfortable and ergonomic than the Quest 2. Its design is lighter and thinner, and the materials used are softer and more breathable. In addition, the adjustment straps have been redesigned to provide a more personalized fit.

New features and functionality

The Quest 3 also includes a number of new features and functionality, such as:

  • Passthrough+: This feature allows the user to see the real world through the virtual reality headset, with greater clarity and depth.
  • Eye Tracking: This feature allows the device to track the user’s eye movement, which can be used to improve the virtual reality experience.
  • Haptic Feedback: This feature provides a haptic response to virtual stimuli, which increases the user’s immersion.

Pricing and availability

The Meta Quest 3 is available in two models: 128 GB and 512 GB. The price of the 128 GB version is €549.99, and the price of the 512 GB version is €699.99.

The Meta Quest 3 is a significant upgrade over the Meta Quest 2, and offers a more advanced and complete virtual reality experience. The improvements in technical specifications, comfort, and new features make the Quest 3 an attractive option for users looking for the best possible virtual reality experience.