Jim Ryan, Head of PlayStation, Announces Retirement from Sony in March 2024

In a recent announcement by Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE), Jim Ryan, the President and CEO of the company and the key figure behind PlayStation, is set to retire from his position in March 2024. This decision marks the end of an era, as Ryan departs from the Japanese tech giant after nearly three decades of dedicated service to the PlayStation brand.

In a heartfelt message to the community, Jim Ryan stated, “I have announced my retirement after nearly 30 years at Sony Interactive Entertainment. I have not taken this decision lightly; I love SIE and our community. However, lately, it has become increasingly challenging for me to balance my home in the UK and my work in the United States. As mentioned in the press release, I will continue to fulfill my duties as President and CEO until March 2024… I am immensely proud of all that we have achieved and am very optimistic about the future of SIE… Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

To facilitate Jim Ryan’s transition, Hiroki Totoki, President, Chief Operating Officer, and Chief Financial Officer of Sony, will assume the role of Chairman of SIE’s Board starting in October 2023. From April 1, 2024, Totoki will be appointed Interim CEO of SIE while retaining his current positions at Sony. Totoki will collaborate with Kenichiro Yoshida, CEO of Sony, and SIE’s executive team “to help shape the next chapter in the future of PlayStation, including the succession plan for the position of SIE CEO,” as stated in Sony’s press release.

Jim Ryan’s journey with Sony began in 1994 when he joined Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe (SIEE). Over the years, he held various high-ranking positions within the company, including President of SIEE, Head of Global Sales and Marketing for SIE, and Vice President of SIE, before being appointed President and CEO of SIE in January 2018. During Jim Ryan’s tenure, Sony achieved milestones such as the launch of the PlayStation 5 and PlayStation VR2, the acquisition of studios like Bungie, a commitment to live service games, and the expansion of PlayStation Studios titles to the PC platform. Notably, Ryan strongly opposed Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard, although a subsequent agreement was reached to keep Call of Duty on PlayStation.

Kenichiro Yoshida acknowledged Jim Ryan’s contributions to SIE, particularly his leadership during the PlayStation 5 launch amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Yoshida remarked, “[…] PlayStation 5 is on track to become the most successful console in SIE’s history.” Hiroki Totoki expressed gratitude to Jim Ryan for his nearly 30-year career at Sony, recognizing that the PlayStation business overseen by SIE has become an “essential part” of Sony’s portfolio.